Project Network Exhibition

This weekend everybody! – It’s been an amazing experience to be here in Denmark, immersed in fabulous surroundings with new friends, and Clay!

Come and celebrate with us at the opening of our exhibition this Saturday at 11am.

As a behind the scenes preveiew of what’s in store, I will shortly post a little snippet of what we have been up to here for the past 6 weeks!



NOOOOO!…. Not the countdown to glorious Christmas day, but precisely a month from today, I will be at Guldagergaard- DENMARK!


There I will be involved in Project network, a 6 week symposium for around 10 Artists and Designers from all over the World, who work with the magic of ceramics!

Guldagergaard Studio Outside

An exciting opportunity to get creative again, as well as a chance to develop NEW WORK!!.. Something I cannot wait to keep you updated with!  Having already delved into my own culture as inspiration for my recent work, I now look forward to discovering Danish culture, as well as the endless possibilities that might arise from this meeting of various cultures coming together to work with something we all have in common. Clay.


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Well, it’s the eve of the Global Entrepreneurs Week, and I’ll be taking part, exhibiting my ‘Made in Wales’ collection at the Llandudno Junction Welsh government Offices! A stunning welsh slate build backdrop for my local slate based products!


Since leaving university, I have been busy sourcing manufacturers and suppliers to work with here in Wales.  This exhibition will finally showcase the first run of my Welsh Slate serving boards!!!   The beech wood board is made in Rhuthun, with the Welsh Slate sourced from Bethesda.  A truly Welsh made product! 🙂


In preparation for this event, I took the chance to get creative and useful (something that has become a bit of a rare opportunity lately) and a good excuse to have a go on my grandmother’s old hand powered Singer sewing machine!!  ….There seems to be something so satisfying about the challenge of learning how to hem a piece of table cloth in this way!  Having said this I doubt I’ll ever make a good enough seamstress!! 😉


AS SEEN AT mint london LDF 2013!!!

Indeed, as seen at Mint London!  These are some highlights of the exhibition at Mint during London Design Festival this year, and what an exciting exhibition to be a part of!  The following image shows my favourite pieces of the exhibition.

image courtesy of Inge Clemente, (

image courtesy of Inge Clemente, (

From the minute I walked in through the door, I was greeted by a colossal piece of furniture that appeared to have walked straight out of ‘War of the Worlds’! Leading on was a Venetian Oak and Resin table that captured the bygone traces of what appeared to be Very Large mollusc trails that had, at one time, fed on the wood whilst submerged as moorings,- something that made me want to double check for any signs of life within the wood! And yet intrigued me for the activities we do not see beneath the watery depths all that often! Above this wonderful table hung a chandelier, again influenced by the watery reflections of the Venetian cityscape.  A tranquil and quiet piece, made up of several individual glass pieces.

On I went through Mint, adoring various other works by numerous other designers, until, there they were, my ‘Made in Wales’ collection. A proud moment to see the pieces sit amongst such glorious works and imagination.

image courtesy of Inge Clemente, (

image courtesy of Inge Clemente, (

image courtesy of Inge Clemente, (

image courtesy of Inge Clemente, (

London Design Festival 2013, 14 – 30 September


My ‘Made in Wales’ collection will be exhibited at this year’s LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL at MINT, Brompton Design District.

An exciting show of works inspired by the theme of curiosity and wonder, focusing on the identity of objects.

There will be other featured works from Sweden, Czech Republic, including Krehky Gallery, plus over 50 upcoming and established designers.

An exciting show, one not to be missed!! I can not wait to see the other featured pieces!


Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2013

What a Week!  The Degree Show this past week has been a fantastic experience!

Everybody’s work finally out on display for all to see, including ourselves!  The preview evening’s sparkling success also saw many of us awarded lovely prizes, with myself awarded The Dean’s Prize for Contextual Studies, along with an opportunity to follow a six week program at Guldagergaard, Denmark! – An absolute shocker!

Following this, the rest of the week has also been fantastic, with lots of lovely people with interest in my work, allowing me to talk to them about my passion for tradition and technology. Image


These are a few more images of some of my favourite items in the show this year!



….OK so it’s a little difficult to select just a few!



Upcoming Exhibition!

Upcoming Exhibition!


Marking the end of a journey at Manchester School of Art with a Bang!

Come celebrate with us on an exciting year in Manchester, and visit our Faculty of Art and Design Degree Show; ‘We are all Explorers’, which runs from the 15th until the 19th of June, coinciding also with the School’s 175th anniversary!

What a year!