Industrial Lights


This was a project I worked on during my second year at Manchester.  Exploring the vast collections at MOSI and Pitt Rivers museum, I was captivated by two collections of glasses (early versions of snow goggles and optitions instruments).  Both collections containing objects that allow us to see better, but in two vary different ways.

IMG_0314           IMG_0334        IMG_0340

In response to this, I chose to work on designing lighting and how we interact with such an object.  I established that the most interaction we have with a light piece is turning the switch on and off; the switch was therefore to be the focus of the work.

Looking initially at various plumbing parts that do the same on/off function, I decided to use them as a means of controlling the flow of electricity to the light bulbs.  The intriguing qualities of the switches, used out of their usual contexts, question the idea of “flow”, with the gate valve switch slowly dimming the light, and the emergency button quickly turning the light on and off.  Over the Summer I then endevoured to complete a third version using a ‘ball valve’ switch to accompany the ‘gate valve’ dimmer switch and the emergency stop button lights.



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