A Kiln, New work and a Market!


With the acquisition of a new kiln, and the date set for a

Christmas Market in Cardiff (get your diaries out everyone,- 18 November – 22 of November),

it’s all quite exciting around the mountains of Snowdonia!!

Here is a preview of new pieces in progress that will become part of the ‘Made in Wales’ collection!


Exclusively made for Cardiff,- here’s a  quick sneaky peek of items in progress that will be on offer…


…from freshly ‘baked’ slate ceramic gems to hand crafted wooden trinkets…


…Keep in touch to see some more, and we look forward to seeing you soon!!!

@cgdesigns … remember to tweet if you want too!



NOOOOO!…. Not the countdown to glorious Christmas day, but precisely a month from today, I will be at Guldagergaard- DENMARK!


There I will be involved in Project network, a 6 week symposium for around 10 Artists and Designers from all over the World, who work with the magic of ceramics!


Guldagergaard Studio Outside

An exciting opportunity to get creative again, as well as a chance to develop NEW WORK!!.. Something I cannot wait to keep you updated with!  Having already delved into my own culture as inspiration for my recent work, I now look forward to discovering Danish culture, as well as the endless possibilities that might arise from this meeting of various cultures coming together to work with something we all have in common. Clay.